[GeoStL] Re: Was: Group Hunt or at least Lunch - Now: CITO

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 In Memphis there is something like that....one was you had to take a 
picture with the trash(GC9A7F) and the other one was on your honor.  
Both of them provided the trash bags to pick up the trash.
Stew E

Eric East wrote:

>I like that idea! I have been thinking allowing people to log and additional 
>find on my Riverview Park #3 cache in Hannibal if they would be willing to 
>upload a photo of themselves (at a given set of coords) hauling out some 
>trash. That cache is in a great spot, but there's a lot of trash around.
>There is also a new cache in Quincy, called Stone Arch North, placed by Moo 
>Cows that could use some clean up. It's too bad people have to throw their 
>trash out, especially in cool areas!
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>>This brings up an interesting point.. Could you have a CITO cache that is
>>ongoing. To log it you must take a picture of yourself hauling out trash?
>>Just think if there was one placed in every park. I watch cachers step 
>>trash all the time coming from a cache. Myself included! It would be cool 
>>we had a few really bad parks that had a CITO wrapped around it to make
>>people aware of the efforts needed.
>>Interesting Thought! :-)

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