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  • From: "Greg & Bobbi Crouch" <mocrouchs@xxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 17:57:18 -0500

It's in the family fun section of main menu. Click on family fun, up to 
catacombs game, then press left. A hidden hairbrush will apear, highlight the 
hairbrush and select it, and it will say Tom takes us geocaching. I did a 
search on the cacher name Big Idea and they are located near Nashville. That's 
only a couple of hours from me. It sounds like a good road trip if they have a 
store down there somewhere. That is if I can afford the gas in my big 'ol 3/4 
ton x-cab long bed GMC. 
                       GULP! GULP! GULP! $$$$$$$$$


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  I've seen the DVD a couple of times, but I've never noticed the geocaching 
bit. Now I'll have to watch it again. What part is mentioned in?

  On 8/15/05, Eric East <christianherper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
    That's awesome, my kids love Veggie Tales! Ok, ok, I love them too! LOL
    Is that the newest movie?


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      My kids were watching Veggie Tales "Minnesota Cuke" tonight and the 
producers had a segment about Geocaching as a good family activity on the DVD. 
Just thought I'd pass on that little bit info.


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