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- The GPX files are just a specialized XML format. I already wrote a program or two that created rudimentary GPX files. Forgot exactly what I was doing. Anyway, if it came to that, I should be able to take what comes out of ExpertGPS and make it into something the CO can digest. I guess that means I will have to go out and buy one. I knew if I waited long enough I could justify the purchase......

By the way, my apologies to any inconvenience my absence from MOGA may have created. I know at least Strider missed the coffee I was planning on having available. Unfortunately the flu  bug hit me hard, and I just could not make the trip. I am just now getting back to a relatively normal existence. My sleep cycle is still off as you can tell from the posting time, but getting better.

Jim Bensman wrote:
Hey Mike, thanks again for all the work.  It was so much fun.

Yes the best solution would be to get a PQ from gc.com.  Glenn is there
anyway that is possible?  Can a reviewer get a PQ of unapproved caches?

If not, is the send to GPS function active before the cache is approved?  If
it is, then all one would have to do is send all of them to a CO.  The send
to GPS works by writing a gpx file with the GC number as the file name on
the CO.  Actually, one could just use the gpx link and save the file to
disk.  Then you could open them all in GSAK and write a single file to load
on the COs.

The third solution is to use GSAK's add feature to enter the cache
information.  It would probably take less than an hour of cutting and

There is no need for Garmin to allow other gpx files.  You can use
ExpertGPS, MapSource, etc, to send waypoints to the CO.  (Actually that
would have been better than placing the gpx file.)  The CO needs stuff like
the gc number, description, and hint in the file to work right.  The CO also
handles the child waypoints you get from GC.com.

After the files were loaded, I got waypoints showing up which I could go to.
But the Punch ** was in the label not the waypoint name.  Actually most
waypoints ended up without names and I think that was the problem.  When I
tried to download to MapSource or open the gpx file on the CO, I got an
error message about some non ascii symbol in the name.  When you went to
find nearest waypoint you got a list with no names.  You had to open each
waypoint to see what it was.  

One more suggestion for non CO garmins would be to download them as
geocaches instead of waypoints.  Since they were downloaded as waypoints,
the ability to mark them as found and have a list of finds was lost.

Thanks again to all who worked so hard for all our fun.

Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last" 

Go Obama!

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Nice of you to volunteer. However, the GPX file that expertGPS creates
is not recognized by the Colorado. This is a problem with the Colorado
and not the file. GC.com has their own XML they do and it, along with
Mapsource, are the only GPX files that it works with.

We will need to see if we can get a GPX generated from GC.com on caches
that have not been activated yet.  If we can't, we will hand you the
sheet and you can manually enter them. Either that, or Garmin needs to
correct the GPX load to accept "standard" GPX files from any software
besides their own and GC.com.

The problem we have with using Mapsource is it renumbers all the caches.
I have no idea why, it just does.

Mike Griffin

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It was a great time at MOGA!!!!  Thanks to everyone who put it on.


I have updated my maps to include more and better trail data and more

For those without a Garmin and will go latter or will go back, I have a
couple of pdfs that have the caches plotted on the map.  They are much
higher quality than what was given out and they have the trails.  You
can download them on my maps page.  You can also download the source
files with the tracks and waypoints I used to create the maps.

The cache files that were placed on the Colorados not only did not work
right (none of the fancy features worked), they messed things up on the
CO so badly I was not able to download tracks or waypoints.  Nor could
the file on the GPS be opened.  Fortunately, I finally figured out a way
to access the track file and could get the coordinates of the waypoints
on the GPS.
So I was able to use my track files to update the trails.  The problem
is the files were not properly formatted for the CO, so I will volunteer
to make sure they are done right next year.  The problem was the files,
not the CO.

I GPSed the Prairie Loop so it is accurate.  I GPSed part of the Joanna
Trail, RGS GPSed some of it and the rest in the cache area shows up well
on GoogleEarth.  So the Joanna Trail location is accurate.  Not much
shows up on GoogleEarth on the West side so I do not have most of the
mowed paths on the maps.  Lots of stuff shows up on the East side on
GoogleEarth.  I added what I could see to the map, but beware what you
see in googleEarth could be different on the ground.  The traced map for
the Log Cabin Loop is obviously way off.  I took the track RGS gave me
and made a good guess where the trail was since he bushwacked a lot.  So
don't expect that part to be accurate.
But overall the maps should now be pretty accurate.

I talked to Ranger Al who now has a 60CSX with my maps on it.  He said
he is now going to start GPSing stuff.  I am going to help him figure
out how to do it and he will give me the data.  For next year, I will
volunteer to make sure the trails get GPSed and to make sure there is a
good trail map wherever it is.

Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last"

Go Obama!



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