[GeoStL] Re: Unsociable cacher???

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  • Date: Sun, 2 Oct 2005 04:04:34 -0500

We recently ran into a couple of cachers (not a couple-couple  though) that, 
while maybe not antisocial, I would describe more as "singleminded."  We 
were on vacation and in a somewhat rural, yet crowded area climbing around 
some rather large rocks. I spotted someone with a GPS and made the same 
attempt, "Geocachers?"  and this person's response was, "Yeah.. how could 
you tell?".  Not all are as social as some. No chit chat for these two. 
Perhaps 10 seconds of "You've got that look about you..  "    Later, after 
they had found the cache and we still had not made the effort (having too 
much fun interacting with the terrain) they passed us on the way back down. 
"Any luck?"  There had been a couple of no finds.. And after a simple, "Well 
..  Yeah (as in OF COURSE.. why wouldn't we find it) ..  it's up there."  My 
husband tried to make  bit of chit chat , "Any advice?"  and this guy's 
answer "Just look for it."

It was a tad surprising as everyone we've ever run into here has always been 
more than cordial, friendly and bit chatty (some more than others LOL)


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From: "Eric East" <christianherper@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> -
> I was in the parking lot of my Guiding Light cache on Thursday checking 
> e-mail & a couple pulled up in a Expedition & the guy had a gps in his 
> hand.
> As they were walking toward the steps I asked if they were geocaching & 
> they said, What???
> Not convinced that they weren't caching, I waited a few minutes & walked 
> up the steps to see what they were doing.
> I found them admiring the view & made small talk for a few minutes. I 
> again asked them if they were geocaching & they again denied it, but 
> shortly walked off in the direction of the cache. I didn't stick around to 
> see if they actually went to it or not, but can't imagine they were doing 
> anything other than caching. It seems like they would enjoy talking with 
> another cacher. I know I do.
> God bless!
> Eric

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