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It is the year 2055, and the United States astronauts have partnered with 
Greece in a mission to travel past Pluto and into a region of space called the 
Soy Latte Way. After many years of preparation and technology advancements, the 
mission is ready to launch. 
The powerful space shuttle takes only two days to get past Pluto and into the 
Soy Latte Way. The shuttle lands on a planet that our astronauts have yet to 
explore on foot, only through telescope. The mysterious planet is referred to 
as Colleywood by the space program on Earth. 

The astronauts disembark and step onto the planet, surprised at the beauty 
before them. Waterfalls, grassy knolls, and fields of unfamiliar flowers are 
everywhere. Colleywood is truly a magical place, and it turns out to be 
inhabited by some very unusual aliens, who belong to three groups: 

  a.. The Totallies, who speak truthfully
  b.. The Falsities, who speak only lies
  c.. The Whatevs, who make statements that are alternately true and false (in 
which order is unknown)

We must establish communication with the aliens, so Lead Astronaut McCoogan 
approaches three inhabitants (A, B, and C). He knows that in the group of 
three, there is one Totally, one Falsity, and one Whatev, but not necessarily 
in that order. He asks one of them two questions: 

McCoogan: Are you the Totally? 
A: No. 

McCoogan: Is "B" the Totally? 
A: No. 

McCoogan now knows which of the three is the Totally, which is the Falsity, and 
which is the Whatev. 

FILL IN THE BLANK: Inhabitant "C" must be the _______.


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