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+1 - Nicely said Mike!





Brawny Bear


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Hey...when you have a small town, Walmart can make it 100 times better,
especially if you are traveling or the town is hosting a gazillion people.
Remember MOGA 2007-2010? The closest towns were Paris, Perry and Monroe
City...none of which had a whole lot. Sure, those towns had grocery stores,
but if you needed much of anything else, you had to go to Hannibal at best. 

That, sir, is why Walmart = civilization. :)



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you call Wal mart a civilization, oh I forgot peopleofwalmart.com
<http://peopleofwalmart.com/>  is the civilization of what i do not know.
On 3/12/2013 11:08 AM, Brad Tissi wrote:
> We're planning a short overnight trip to Shelbyville, IL to get a feel for
the area, knock out some of the mystery caches and try out see what the town
is like on a normal weekend. But of course, we'd like to get the most out of
it. So for those that have already planned quite a bit as well or perhaps
even been there, what's your recommendations for both caches and local
> Brad (Team Tismon)

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