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Good point. I have to make sure I read the cache pages good before I take any. 
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  As long as bringing them here does not go against the goal of the travel bug, 
I would think it would be fine.  (Here's an example. On the webpage for a 
certain travel bug, it specifically said it wants to go west, and then somebody 
took it several thousand miles east.  They even said in their log, "He is 
travelling East and not West, but I'm sure that will be OK.")


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    I'm going to the San Diego area next week. Each day I plan to do some early 
morning caching and then the rest of the day will be "quality time". What if I 
find say, 5 travel bugs? Is it OK to keep them all and bring them back here to 
place, or should I place one before I pick up another? Also, do these come 
under the "take something, leave something" rule or can they  just be picked up?


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