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Am I wrong,  or is there no way to get any TZ stuff into a digital format
that an individual could use in their pc...or pda, or standalone gps? At
least without paying them some significant denero. (?)

FWIW, I recently put a link to Maptech's 'Outdoor Navigator' program in the
SLAGA forums. Though I'm a total 'noob' when it comes to mapping apps, this
strikes me as a pretty interesting package they've put together. Of course,
you have to have either a Palm or PocketPC based gps setup to use it,

     -= Russ =-  (BottomFeeder)

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I hadn't been to www.topozone.com in a while, and I was pleasantly surprised
to see that the website is much more flexible. You can now choose from
different topo map series, map size, view scale, coordinate format, and
coordinate datum (now includes WGS84). I thought some of you city slickers
might want to know.

Have a nice, soggy day,


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