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  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:44:16 -0700 (PDT)

think of it like this,where would your kids hide things if they stole it from 
you.very few are found in trees.look for geotrails, footprints, tree splits, 
fake birdhouses,steps,pipes, bridges, "manipulated limbs,branches or rocks" as 
stated by the national parks service (YES i was finally able to work all those 
words into a sentence).basically if you don't think it would be there well you 
better go check, they usually sit right out in the obvious spots just tucked 
away.better yet just take more eyes and brains with you, the more the better to 
see you with my dear. start out with the 1-1's then work up from their.
sorry for not being able to help you out.

J F <deltawinner@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I realize that I am a "newbie" to the sport/hobby of geocaching. Having 
said that, is there any advice, suggestions that anyone would like to impart 
to me to make me start thinking like the "evil", "devious", "sadistic" 
people who hide the caches?

I went to 5 spots on Saturday with a goose egg to show as my finds. I 
always find the area, but never see what I'm suppose to. And, these were 
the supposedly easy ones. I was about ready to make my GPS "track itself" 
to the nearest garbage based on my ineptness. Thought I just wasn't cut out 
for this.

However, 2 days have passed and my blood pressure has gone done and I'm 
willing to try again.

Seriously though, any tips would be appreciated.


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