[GeoStL] Re: Tips

  • From: JimSGreene@xxxxxxx
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 14:40:57 EDT

Hi Deltawinner,
  You didn't say which caches you tried to do, but you can always e-mail the 
cache owner, or other cachers for help with a particular cache, we all are 
glad to help, though even then our help can be as evil, devious, and sadistic 
the cache owners:)
Here are a few ideas to try when you are near a cache.

1. Keep a printout of the cache page to read while you are looking. I just 
print out the text, you won't remember all the wording, and sometimes miss 
subtle clues when you get there.

2. If you have trouble finding it, double check that you entered the 
coordinates correctly.

3. Once you get to the general area, if you don't find the cache right away 
at the coordinates, don't watch your GPS, reread the clues and start looking 
for likely hiding places. GPS's don't always agree, so look for somewhere a 
evil, devious, sadistic person would put one. 

4. Make sure your GPS is set for WGS84 map datum.

Jim  (Strider)

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