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  I will be there any way because of my tiger and besides I am the den leader 
for the tigers of 664.

  Mike Griffin <griff@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 
    Thanks Ed!

    Also, I got an email from someone earlier volunteering to help out. Can't 
remember who but when I sent the response, it said my mail server was 
blacklisted and it timed out. So whoever that was, hopefully they are on the 
list, thanks for the offer but we have plenty. However, if you have a burning 
desire to come out, then by all means do so. I don't want it to seem closed or 
anything. I just feel we have sufficient staff now thanks to all those who 
stepped up to help.

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      From: Edwin Biesemeyer 
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      Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Tiger Day 2005

      I had told you at the lunch on the 20th that I will be there.  Count me 
in on the geocaching staff as well.  My youngest is a tiger and he is looking 
forward to the opportunity that day.  He might actually be of assistance to 
some of the younger boys also.  Doodles, my oldest boy is a second class scout 
working on first class.  He will be coming along to assist as well.
      -Digger Odell

      Mike Griffin <griff@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
        Folks, we need people next Saturday (9-2:30) to help out with Tiger 
Day. This is what is involved.
        We set up a booth or small table at Cub World, Beaumont Scout 
Reservation, and we tell folks about Geocaching in the St. Louis Area.
        Tiger Cubs are 1st graders going into 2nd Grade. We fill an AMMO Box 
with little goodies and let them follow the arrow to the cache.
        We can have 1 or 2 caches and we just walk with them and the parents 
guiding them and talking to the parents about the fun we have with Geocaching. 
Caches are within 100' of the table.
        This is a great opportunity to get outdoorsy type families into the 
sport of Geocaching.
        If I cannot get anyone else to volunteer to help out, We will have to 
cancel it. We have been involved with this, the last 2 years.
        There is a free lunch provided as well.

        Please let me know by Wednesday, otherwise, I will have to cancel our 

        Thanks to Didg Guy for volunteering! He is the only one so far.


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