[GeoStL] Re: Tics

  • From: JimSGreene@xxxxxxx
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 16 Jun 2003 01:54:35 EDT

  I just got some stuff that seems to work great, Sawyer insect repellent 
with permethrin. The brand doesn't matter, but you spray this on your clothes 
let it dry, (before you put them on) and it is supposed to last for weeks and 
or a couple of washings. I used it today and didn't get any ticks at all, 
though I was attacked by mosquitos all over my arms and face. Off took care of 
that. Sawyers has 0.5% permethrin, I imagine the other brands are about the 

   Jim (Strider)

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