[GeoStL] Thomas Jefferson Event

  • From: "Timothy Hunt" <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 7 Oct 2006 16:21:30 -0500

We had a great time, with 7 students, 3 parents and a brother in
attendance, along with enough Geocachers to take 4 teams out.  Two new
caches were placed in honour of the event, which meant that we had 2
FTFs among the students (thanks PandyAndy).  Each team found 5 caches,
except one team that was just made up of parents (and existing
geocacher), and they found 6!  Not bad for about 2 hours of caching.

Everyone had a good time, and a new bug was released, which will be
logged in one of the two new caches once they are approved on the

Thanks one and all for your assistance - we'll likely have another
event in the spring, and we'll also want to be involved in a CITO
event in April (the students can log Community Service hours for

There will be pictures soon, I'm sure...


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