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Well, that was a harsh and disrespectful response.  If you, or anyone, have an 
issue with something I've said, I'd appreciate it if you would contact me 
offlist, have the moderator do so, or ask for specific clarification as to what 
my intentions were before taking the step of "labeling" what I've posted. 

I attempted to make it perfectly clear that I was in no way trying to malign or 
belittle YOUR work on the website, podcasts or here on this list.  Nothing I've 
posted, EVER, to this list has EVER INTENTIONALLY  been in the form of a 
"hissy".  I'm not denying that my attempts at humor are often misunderstood due 
to my quick response and perhaps lack of bold LOL or even  misplaced "smiley" 
and it's too bad you (and most likely others) probably missed something I meant 
along the way. Something that I MEANT to be humorous, but if you in anyway 
think anything I've posted here is in any way negative --  you are very, VERY 


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  > The "Best Of" Email Blast that came on the 12th
  > does say that the rules and ballot would be available
  > online or by request.

  Incorrect. Read this part of the email blast again:

  "Below, you will find information about the Awards.
  At the bottom is the Official Ballot for the nominations.
  Official Rules are available on the SLAGA website ( )
  or by requesting a copy."

  Only the rules are published on the SLAGA web site.
  Not the ballot.  Unfortunately, someone left the link
  to the rules off of the email blast. 

  The ballot was only sent out in the email blast because
  voting is limited to SLAGA members and the best way
  for SLAGA to contact only its members is by the email
  address on file. 

  Andrew re-published the entire email blast content
  (including the ballot) on the Freelist Geocaching
  newsgroup, so you had a 2nd chance.

  Even after that, when you asked for the ballot again,
  I reiterated the two places you could find it.

  If you choose to delete the email blast and newsgroup
  messages, are too busy to click the link I provided
  to get the ballot, then subsequently throw a hissy fit,
  you will see no pity from me.

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