[GeoStL] Summer caching and a lost and found cache

  • From: "Jim Bensman" <jbensman1@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 25 Jun 2003 22:50:13 -0500

Uggh.  Summer is here.  Just got back from a trip to southern IL to deal
with some missing in action caches (2 out of 3 were actually gone) and get a
few while I was down there.  It was hot and humid, got chiggers, ticks, and
bit by mosquitoes.  But it was a nice trip.

Here is the log for my Illinois Wilderness Cache:

Yes it was gone again for the second time. This time I moved it further away
from the falls to make it less likely it will be accidinently found.

I was down in Shawnee today checking out some stuff the Forest Service wants
to do. After we got done we were sitting in the Shawnee Mart enjoying some
cold refreshments. One of my friends I went with lives a couple miles from
the cache. I told him I was going to Burden Falls and asked if he needed a
ride home. He asked why I was going to Burden Falls, so I told him about
geocaching. He then told me he was the one who took the cache the first
time! He had found it and did not know what it was. So he took it home.
Latter on he had heard about geocaching, but he had already got rid of it.

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