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Actually, the tree caches are the only ones I have in the city parks.

Mike Henthorn
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On Jan 31, 2012, at 2:33 PM, Tom Wolpert <tom_wolpert@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> This is one of the Treemendous caches.  Missouri Botanical Garden secured 
> permission of some sort -- but that doesn't necessarily mean that they went 
> through channels and did the paperwork.  While it's possible that St. Charles 
> lost it, it's also possible that it was never there to lose for this 
> particular cache.  I'm sure the rest of Mike's had the appropriate paperwork, 
> though.
> Tom
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> St Charles city needs to keep better track of their records I know you, Mike, 
> followed the proper protocol as you are a responsible cacher. I have filled 
> out several cache permits forms like the one you posted I hope they still 
> have them. It was just put them on a desk and not filed when I turned them 
> in. The comment was also made by the director of the rangers Mike Cordry "Oh 
> you guys are OK just put your stuff out there then bring in the forms" which 
> to me would lead me to believe that they don't pay too much attention to 
> what's out there until it becomes a problem. The first time I went in to find 
> out what was needed he had a hard time finding the proper forms. So my guess 
> would be WE are doing what WE are supposed to but they are not. 
> On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 12:56 PM, G Mail <mikeinmo1@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I was contacted today by the St Charles City Parks Department and then by
> the St Charles City Police Department. It seems that one of my Tremendous
> Tree caches that the Missouri Botanical Gardens had supposedly received the
> proper information for placing caused a bit of a scare yesterday. The tube
> that the MBG had placed on the back of the tree signs for the caches was a
> PVC pipe w/ caps at both ends. On this cache the tube had been pulled loose
> from thee sign and was lying on the ground near the sign. Someone reported
> it to the Police and they had the bomb squad out to check it out. Upon
> investigation they found out that it was my cache and that there was no
> permit for the cache. Here is the actual more important thing. They told me
> that there are NO CACHE PERMITS on file for any caches in St Charles City
> parks. I was really surprised because I know that some of you with caches in
> St Charles City Parks have received permission from someone. It was not the
> correct person or you did not follow the correct procedures. The city is
> cache friendly but they want their rules followed. There is a procedure to
> follow at the following link.
> http://www.stcharlesparks.com/tinymce/filemanager/files/geocaching_procedure
> .pdf
> The Ranger and Police suggested that if you have a cache in a St Charles
> City Park, it is not legal and it should be removed until you follow the
> proper procedures to get your permit. I told them that I would pass this
> information along through this freelist and on the SLAGA web site.
> Mike Henthorn
> 636-866-4644

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