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Splendid idea. :-)
Eric East wrote:
I'm not going to discuss this further on list, but will gladly discuss it privately with anyone who wishes to continue the discussion. :-) Eric

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    So what's your point? What you believe is not necessarily what I
    believe and what I believe is no more wrong than what you believe.
    Just because YOU believe something doesn't make YOU right and me
    wrong. There is plenty of room in this world for all beliefs. And
    one is no more right than any other.:-)


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    Sorry friend, but you should do some reading and you'll see that
    wicca is witchcraft. Not ashamed at all. :-)

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            or should I say demonic?????

        Cults and demonics have nothing to do with it, you oughta be
        ashamed of yourself :) Just another form of believing.

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