[GeoStL] Re: Someone else making a buck from geocaching

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Here is the URL where I got our current SLAGA cards. Look around on the site
since they seem to have a lot of good deals.


If you use one of the 10-15 default designs, with about 10 user definable
lines for text, the cards (250) are free with $5.25 shipping. If you want
different fonts and other text changes, I think it's $9.95 plus the $5.25
shipping. If you want a custom card and supply a logo or a graphic, I think
it's about $15 plus shipping.

I changed our standard SLAGA card slightly for myself and added my
geocaching ID (RGS) and email address of RGS@xxxxxxxxxx along with a blank
line for date/time logged. Still just $5.25 for shipping and the 250 cards
were free.

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> -
>  There are better deals than that out there. What was the deal Rich got on
> the SLAGA cards?
>   Jim

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