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Thank you for all the great ideas Tom. I'll follow-up with you off line if I
need the additional info. 




Zeke (ZLA)


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Back in late June, SLAGA prepared a complete set of adult training materials
for the Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri.  These included very detailed
instructions for conducting a number of different GPS-related activities,
including a "geocaching expedition" to someplace like Forest Park.  The
instructions are detailed enough that an adult with no GPS experience
whatever would be able to conduct the activity -- including loading
coordinates into the GPS units. I have no idea what became of the
information after we submitted it to GSEM, but my recollection is that their
target date for actual use of the materials was January, 2012.  Our contact
at GSEM is Melanie Palmer, who is Director of Adult Development.  Or contact
me off-list if you want an "unofficial" copy of what we sent them. (You
won't need them if you're running the activity yourself.  But if your
neighbor will be on her own...)


As far as making it enjoyable for the girls, I have suggestions based on my
experience with summer camp outing I conducted for a local troop.  Make sure
that you keep the distances traveled, terrain, etc. appropriate for the age
group and "outdoor tolerance" of the girls in question.  Particularly for
younger groups, it might not be possible to do that using real caches.  For
the day camp activity, we used temporary caches which were much closer
together than gc.com guidelines allow.  (On the other hand, I have no idea
if this would satisfy badge requirements.)  


If you use real caches, use only caches that gc.com would rate as "beginner"
caches -- regular size, recently found, low D/T ratings.  If this is part of
some other activity, be sure to "salt" the caches -- real or temporary --
with materials which tie into the theme of the activity.  Regardless, if you
use real caches, you will want to make sure that they contain sufficient
swag of a type which will appeal to your audience.  My experience is that
this is rarely the case unless you visit the caches in advance and add swag
appropriately.  If using real caches, "trade even or up" applies.  So you
also need to provide each girl with at least one item of swag to trade.  Do
visit the caches in advance -- if nothing else, you need to make sure that
they are there and in good condition. And it never hurts to see how long it
will take to run the course (then double it and make sure you've budgeted
enough time).


If the girls will be caching in more than one group, make sure that you have
adequate adult supervision.  Girl Scout youth safety guidelines make the Boy
Scouts look positively reckless :-D  I'm sure your neighbor has experience
with this.  Also make sure that you have a plan for sending them off to
different caches to start so that the whole thing doesn't turn into a conga
line.  Make sure that the groups are small enough that each girl gets to
"drive" at least once.  If at all possible, use the same type of GPSr for
all groups.  You're going to have to show the girls (and adults!) how to use
them, so simpler units are better.  Be sure they know how to "mark the car"
-- or include a waypoint for the parking area.


Tie-ins with "leave no trace" are always good.


I might also suggest Queeny Park as another possible location.  Cache
density is high and parking and restrooms are available.





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Hi All.

My neighbor wants to help her girl scouts (up to a dozen girls, I think)
earn their Geocaching badge. I suggested she go to Forest Park since there
are plenty of caches, easy terrain, ease of parking and restrooms.

Has anyone helped a group of girls with this badge? Can you suggest ways to
make it a successful and enjoyable experience for the girls? Do they need
GPS units for each girl or can they share a couple?

My email is below if you want to reply off-line.

Thank you for any assistance or suggestions.


Zeke (ZLA)

 <mailto:Zeke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Zeke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 

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