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Thank you for the information, Ashleigh. I will pass the suggestions along.
- Zeke


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There are caches at all 3 girl scout camps if they wanted to go on a
weekend, they would just need to get ahold of the weekend supervisor to let
her know they are coming.  If they went to camp there would GPS available to
them.  If not forest park is a good place.


What I did for my troop was go out and find several caches the night before,
just to make sure they would easy/hard enough to find for my age group.  I
made sure they were all medium to large size and attached a ziploc bag to
the outside of each one with a special little something for each girl.  It
makes them want to do it more knowing there is a reward in it for them.
They can work in groups of 3-4 no problem as long as each girl gets a chance
to navigate to a cache.

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:51 PM, ZLA Solutions <Zeke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Hi All.

My neighbor wants to help her girl scouts (up to a dozen girls, I think)
earn their Geocaching badge. I suggested she go to Forest Park since there
are plenty of caches, easy terrain, ease of parking and restrooms.

Has anyone helped a group of girls with this badge? Can you suggest ways to
make it a successful and enjoyable experience for the girls? Do they need
GPS units for each girl or can they share a couple?

My email is below if you want to reply off-line.

Thank you for any assistance or suggestions.


Zeke (ZLA)

 <mailto:Zeke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> Zeke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx 


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