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We did this with the Boyscouts last spring.  Check with Strider aka Jim Greene 
about borrowing the SLAGA GPS units, this way you can load the caches you want 
to do and everyone has the same unit.  We asked each parent to take their kid 
to the dollar store and pick up 1-2$ worth of crap, I mean treasure to trade.  
Also, we had a rule that only one kid could trade per cache and each got a 
chance to make the find because some were quicker to learn how to use the GPS.

Jill Misiura
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> Hi Owen.
> WalkingStickStl (Nancy) has taught Girl Scouts on numerous occasions and has 
> lots of good info about it. I suggest you email her through GC.com.
> Regards,
> Zeke
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> Girl Scouts
> Advice, suggestions, handouts?
> I am going to take 8 – 10 girls scouts caching in Queeny Park with two other 
> parents.  This will probably be in March or April, and most will be caching 
> for the first time.  I recall reading something here about a handout that 
> someone had used before with girl scouts.  Any advice (like stay away from 
> the WTWWTW caches and choose a short nickname if you get a geocaching 
> account) or suggestions would be appreciated as I value the thoughts of those 
> with experience in this area.
> Thank you.
> Owen, aka WTWWTW

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