[GeoStL] Re: SLAGA site down again?

  • From: "Richard Sheffold" <GC-RGS@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2011 09:48:42 -0600

geostl.com, but I see it’s up now. My normal shortcut of slaga.org came up with 
a 404. Must have been a timing issue..

From: Tom Wolpert 
Sent: Tuesday, November 22, 2011 9:43 AM
To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx 
Subject: [GeoStL] Re: SLAGA site down again?

Rich -- apparently you're the only lucky one...  That's a weird looking URL.  
What'd you click?


From: Richard Sheffold <GC-RGS@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: freelist <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent: Tue, November 22, 2011 9:16:50 AM
Subject: [GeoStL] SLAGA site down again?

Fatal error: Call to a member function getField() on a non-object in 
/home/geostl5/public_html/joomla15/modules/mod_cbpblatest/mod_cbpblatest.php on 
line 52

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