[GeoStL] Re: SLAGA officer elections

  • From: "Jack Konecker" <jackkonecker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 21:35:43 -0500

Found the by-laws:


Officer duties:

Section 5.1 The President:
  . Preside over all Association meetings and Board of Director meetings.
  . Appoint members as necessary to perform the tasks agreed upon by the Board.
  . Cast the deciding vote in the event of a tie during voting at Business 
  . Sign contracts and agreements on behalf of SLAGA.

Section 5.2 The Vice President:
  . Perform the duties of the President in the absence of the President.
  . Make arrangements for scheduling meeting dates and locations.
  . Make an annual report to the members at the first/last Business Meeting 
each year.
  . Supervise the nominating committee.

Section 5.3 The Treasurer
  . Be responsible for all income and expenses.
  . Keep accurate financial records.
  . Make available financial records to the SLAGA for inspection and audit.
  . Make timely deposits of all monies received.
  . Bill all those who owe money to the SLAGA.
  . Pay duly authorized expenses.
  . Recommend a budget to the Board.
  . Recommend appropriate changes in the dues structure.
  . Recommend a budget to the Board at the second Business Meeting each year.

Section 5.4 The Secretary
  . Record minutes of all Business Meetings, General Membership Meetings,
 and Executive Committee Meetings.
  . Maintain a file of legal documents and licenses of the SLAGA, past minutes,
 newsletter archives and other official documents.
  . Maintain a ledger describing SLAGA property.
  . Record and receive all copies of contracts and agreements consummated 
by the SLAGA.
  . Provide written notice of the date, time and location of meetings to the
 membership at least two weeks prior to the meetings, including, as needed,
 notice of proposed bylaw changes and elections to fill vacancies on the Board.
  . Maintain a list of members, officers, Members-at-Large, and
 committee members.
  . Send out membership renewal notices in a timely manner.
  . Conduct and respond to correspondence as required.
  . Provide for the publication of the monthly newsletter of the SLAGA.
  . Act as registered agent for the SLAGA.

Section 5.5 Members at Large
  . Represents membership and works directly with other board members.
  . Work with membership to promote and create activities throughout the year. 
Section 5.6 Advisory Committee
  . Work with the Board members with special projects and maintaining
 the SLAGA website. 

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