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  • From: Glenn <GLNash@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 10:59:24 -0500

yes, At least I am familiar with cafepress.  I think having a slaga 
store would be a great idea. I tried it once ( a very long time ago) and 
I messed up the graphics. When printed, they came out all messed up 
either all squished or all "blocky" and ugly.  I took everything off the 

I think SLAGA has  the proper vector graphic images someplace that would 
be scalable and should work shold someone want to do it again.


Laura Million wrote:
> -
> Hey Gang, 
> I'm new to the group so I'm just learning my way around. This question about
> decal stickers is an interesting one. Has anyone every heard or shopped at
> Cafepress.com? (www.cafepress.com) It's an on line store for organizations
> to sell merchandise. There is no cost to set up the store. We upload images
> and logos and "place" them on the items they sell like T-shirts,
> sweatshirts, mugs, bumper stickers and lots more. I think they have over 50
> items. We then mark up the price from the base price (if a T-shirt base
> price is $15, we mark it up to $20) and receive that $5 profit. Cafepress
> handles all the transactions, printing, shipping, etc, and forwards us our
> profit check. I use it for personal items and for another organization I
> belong to (http://www.cafepress.com/eaa32).  It's really a cool way to earn
> money for the group as well as show our geocaching pride. We can not use any
> copyrighted logos like the one from geocaching.com, but our own group's logo
> or any other artwork we come up with is fine. 
> I'd be happy to set this up if someone official says it's OK. I would also
> need the logo or other art work. 
> Laura
> 2_cats


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