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Nice job of editing!  It sounds great!

Thanks again for doing this.

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  Paul Konopacki (konopapw) interviews Jim Williams (Dorkus&Co.) about his
  FTF of the cache placed in the St. Louis area for the 2005 Magellan
  'Be There' geocaching contest.

  You can find the podcast temporarily at:

  Length: 38 min, 44 sec
  48 kbps, 22050 Hz, Stero
  Size:  13.6MB

  Smaller version is at:
  Length: 38 min, 44 sec
  20 kbps, 16000 Hz, Mono
  Size:  5.6MB

  I am still looking for a permanent home to host these SLAGA podcasts. What
  mean is a geocaching website that has an established RSS feed.
  http://www.georadio.org would be the perfect place because it is meant to
  a host for podcasts like mine.  But that site is being neglected and the
  deltadawg, is AWOL.  He hasn't produced a podcast in over a month.  I know
  there are geocachers out there like me who have content they want hosted
on his site.

  On a related note, I created a short promo for Sonny and Sandy who run
  http://www.podcacher.com and make their own geocaching podcasts. Sonny
  said they would include my promo in an up-coming podcast.

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