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Looking forward to seeing you again at the picnic. Hope everything works out 
good with the melanoma. It's amazing what the docs can do now.

The ladder golf will be good for something new to play.

Any word from Olivette yet?

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  I and my family are planning on being at the picnic.  I say "planning" 
because I go in on the 6th to have a melanoma spot as well as two other moles 
removed.  I may be having to do Chemo treatments by the time the picnic rolls 
around.  the melanoma is fairly serious.
  I still plan on bringing "Ladder Golf" along as well Rich.


   I just got off the phone with Charlie Trokey of the St. Louis County Parks. 
He has secured the corporate shelter in the upper part of Creve Coeur park for 
us. This is not available to the public but will be ideal for our picnic. 

  The shelter is maybe 24 x 60 feet (guessing) 2 very large BBQ pits, electric, 
flush toilets, sand volleyball courts, and playground.

  I'll get a picnic event cache page started shortly.


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