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By all means, come to the picnic. It's always nice to put faces with the names 
we see on the logs. We have the picnics twice a year and always have a great 
time. (and the food's not bad either). Hope you two can make it.

For those that haven't noticed yet, the picnic event page is now up at 
http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_details.aspx?ID=90738.  It still needs 
some more work but at least you can make notes on the page.


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  Chris I know one game. We did it at one of our Meetings.
  You take four stakes in the ground to form a 10 ft. square .  Then you take 
string and crisscross them to make a X in the center. Set your gps there and  
Get the Coords.
  Then take the string off. Give out the Cords to everyone and Flags or some 
kind of markers. and see how close they can get to the coords. when done put 
the string back forming the X and the one closest wins. You'll be surprised in 
the different. 
  Just a thought. 

  Wife and I have thought about Coming to your Picnic. Just to meet everyone. 
If you don't mine some Illinois Folks. It depends on if she has the day off. 
And how busy my store is that day.  

  (Ed and Dolly)

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