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    I'll be more than happy to run out and get stuff...there's a Party Outlet 
near me. By the way...I was scheduled to go camping the weekend of October 
10-12, (the weekend before the picnic) but it was cancelled. I'm planning on 
going and gathering coordinates of where I will put the scavenger hunt items 
that weekend.
    Game changes: The scavenger hunt will consist of spray-painted washers in 
film canisters...there will be two levels of the hunt. For kids and For adults. 
First to collect one of the washers from each film canister wins. What do you 
all think?


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  I have plates cups, etc.... I also have the SLAGA sign..


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    Hi Jen: 
    I'm sorry to hear that you will be unable to attend. 

    Do you know who has the leftover supplies? 

    Please let me know. 


    Jen Guyer wrote: 

      Well, WG Outlaw and I will be out of town that weekend :(. Have fun! I 
will try to help if I can with preparations before hand, but with school back 
full swing, my weekdays are pretty packed. Hmm, maybe we can work hiding picnic 
caches into a school lesson! Maybe Bridget and I can go shopping again, 
although we should be set for life for paper supplies LOL.Jenshared books are 
happy books www.nyisutter.bookcrossing.com 
      My BookCrossing pages: 

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