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  • Date: Sun, 21 Sep 2003 11:11:46 -0500

ha ha....great. Um...no...how about the best picnic tables? :-)


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  - You must have missed the meeting.  there is a 5 dollar fee on the best 
seats.  you can just send  it right on over. we'll take care of it for ya. :-) 


  At 10:55 AM 9/21/2003, Chris Binder wrote:

    Rich--What do you mean "the best seats"? :-)

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      For everyone signed up for the picnic, and those going to sign up, see 
the picnic planning page at http://www.geostl.com/picnic/index.html for 
additional details.

      Dave has added an area at the bottom for "RSVP" and "FOOD" and has setup 
a link to email him with the adults/children count and the food item(s) you're 
bringing. He will then update the page to keep the information current. 




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