[GeoStL] Re: Rte 66Mo FountaineBleu Made it to YouTube, before it disappeared

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  • Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2008 00:47:25 -0500

I think that whole thing is just weird. Some guy just HAPPENS to be wandering 
through the park with a video camera and goes through the trouble of reading, 
out loud, every word on the outside of the cache. AND, when he read the side 
that says, "Please do not remove" gives a little "we'll just see about that" 
type grunt.  (Anyone else notice that?)  He also comments something like "Good 
stuff"..  good stuff?  okaaaaaaaaay and finally  "Good luck to the next hunter, 
I hope you find it intact, just as I did."  

Then, after just happening across this, the guy heads over to the flooded 141 
to video there before heading home to sign up for Youtube and upload THIS as 
his only video? Dinobiondo91   

According to whitepages.com there are three Biondos in Valley Park. None appear 
to be 50 year old Dino ..  but it's worth a try. Call him up!


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  My cache at Emmenegger, RT66:MO - Fountainbleau GC17A50, disappeared the 
other day, after this guy found it out in the open on it's stump! I don't think 
the guy who filmed it took it, but if he left it out like he found it, I'm sure 
someone got it. Check out the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbzQU5Q8hB4 
A cacher from Nova Scotia, storm1, sent me the link today, just hours after it 
first was posted. I e-mailed the photographer, and am waiting to hear from him 
as to when he filmed it. Warning, when he starts reading the cache note, FF 
through it, he reads the WHOLE note. The video is a little over 5 min. Too bad 
it is missing.


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