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Opinions are like ________ well, you know the rest... However, I think that
maybe a negative post is not that bad. I would first contact the cache owner
if there is a problem rather than airing it out in the open. Honest mistakes
happen. If the cache is in a disgusting area, you are right, they don't have
to do it. However, if the cache is not maintained and it seems that the
owner of the cache is not responsive, I think it only fair to warn others..
An example might be, finding a cache where the contents are soaked and
moldy. I think a note in the log would be good until the cache owner comes
back and logs a note stating it has been taken care of. I wouldn't want to
see, "Nice Cache." and then go out and find it in a trash dump or soaked
with water. I think we should always be honest in our logs even if it is a
negative comment.

The person who posted that in your log about the Civil War cache, should
have contacted you directly. Not finding a 1/1 is pretty bad, but, then not
taking the time to email you with his concerns is even worse.


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> Hey all,
> I have a bit of a complaont and I have pulled out my
> soap box to air it so be patient with me. There has
> been a rash of recent logs that I have noticed that
> are derogatory to the cache placer and I just would
> like to know what you all think of this. I have
> several cases in point:
> 1. My Civil War cache....I just received a note that
> stated the cacher could not find it. He also ranted a
> bit about prisoners finding it and the fact that I had
> not received permission to place it there. First the
> people he talked with in the visitor center are
> "Volunteers" who are there maybe once a month and have
> NO idea what goes on outside the building they are
> manning including knowing whether or not I have
> permission. Secondly if the officer in charge was so
> upset that his prisoners found the cache why did he
> not confiscate it or bring it inside to the people at
> the visitors center. Instead he placed it back in the
> same place he found it. Assumptions are not welcome
> and his log will be deleted from MY cache page.
> 2. The latest logged  comments on the Smelly Rock
> cache in Waynesville were totally uncalled for. True
> this cache is not going to be on anyone's top 10 list
> but I have been there on two seperate occasions and
> have noticed NO smell and the cache is in good shape.
> I have no idea why they would place a cache there
> either but I went to find it and I enjoyed it. If you
> don't like the location  DON:T look for it!!!!
> There are a few other examples I could talk about here
> but I think you see what my gripe is. Why is it
> necessary to comment in such a negative fashion? If I
> don't like a cache or I don't think it is special I
> just don't comment on it. I do not pretend to
> understand why all caches are placed where they are
> but hey they must have had their reasons. Caching is
> supposed to be FUN and I don't appreciate someone
> using the cache log as a forum to air their
> gripes....if you have real concerns then email the
> cache placer with them. Maybe they have a reason for
> placing the cache that makes sense to them or maybe
> they just did not think of the consequences when they
> placed it there.
> A good example of this would be the Leaking Earth
> cache in Waynesville....when I did the cache I noticed
> broken glass along the trail and the fact that you
> have to climb a VERY steep hill to get there....I
> emailed Greg with my concerns and he upped the
> difficulty rating and made note in his description of
> the hazards. Now if someone reads it and decides they
> still want to do it they have been informed. I did NOT
> put a negative comment there for the world to see and
> wonder about.
> Dan now climbs off his soapbox and apologizes for the
> ranting :D ...What do you all think?
> Dan (thunder)
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