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if you try to make 623 your 500th, it will probably end up being # 623
instead. better keep your PAF option open ;P

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Cindy, I guess I'll have to blow my own horn. If you care to do 
'623' which was voted by SLAGA as the Most Creative Traditional, 
it is not very far from the Chesterfield area. I will absolutely 
guarantee you that it is a memorable cache. Read the logs.  


On Mon Jan 14 12:09:37 CST 2008, Cindy Spurr 
<leeharper13@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Afternoon everyone.  I am close to reaching 500.  I am going to 
> be here over the weekend and am looking for suggestions on which 
> cache to go after for #500.  I would like something memorable and 
> cool.  I'm staying in the Chesterfield area, but have no problem 
> driving out of the area (to include IL) to pick up a cool cache.
> Right now the moving cache (GC1D0F) is high on my list because 
> I've never seen one of these types of caches before.
> Does anyone have any other cool locations?  I do like history, 
> especially Air Force history, so I'm not opposed to a geocache 
> virtual.
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