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What is the status of I-255 and Telegraph RD?  If it will still be closed
some info on how to get around the closure on the cache page would be nice.


Jim Bensman
"Nature Bats Last" 


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Would there be any interest in a "FREE" table (not the table but what's on


I was thinking anyone who had good stuff to get rid of could place it on a
table for whoever wanted it. Maybe each item could be, say $2, and it would
go to SLAGA. It could be anything from computer stuff, odds and ends, Dodge
Diesels, etc. Obviously anything that was left must be taken back home by
the "bringee" since there is no way of disposing anything in the park.


We can have a coin and travel bug table too as long as someone will
volunteer to set it up and manage the TB's. It seems that at every event
there are TB's that get taken but never logged out of the event. Then the
event host gets the emails from the TB owner wondering what happened to
their TB. I'd think we need to keep an inventory of each TB with an entry on
who brought it, it's destination, and who actually picked it up for a drop
off in a cache. At least we'd have a record of who had the TB last.


Other plans are bingo that Mariel had set up at the fall picnic. This was a
great ice breaker for everyone to have a chance to talk with both old and
new cachers. The days of pocket caches are gone and I think this is actually
a better way to greet the other cachers.


I'm sure there will be several new permanent caches placed the day of the
event along with the existing caches already in the park. Because of the
weather, it may be hard to plan any outside activities.


Any other ideas?





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