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  • From: Glenn <Glenn@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 15:35:08 -0600

Perhaps you didn't read what was posted? It didn't say anything about a good 'ole joke once in a while, didn't say anything about having friendly conversations, it didn't say anything about bringing laughter to the many computer users here... so just what the heck was posted??

Trim all the unnecessary garbage off email when replying, leave just enough to clue the rest in to what is being answered. BTW: Taking away *too much* is just as bad as leaving the would thing. Many times there are replies like.... "sure, count me in... " with absolutely no clue as to what anyone is talking about.

The friendly conversations that go on, untrimmed and repeating the last many messages to add a "me to" to the thread is a tremendous waste of bandwidth, and makes every ones email downloads bog down with the constant re-transmittion of the last many messages.

An even bigger problem is when someone replies to reply from the digest. Then the whole digest is re-transmitted over and over including the re-transmittions of all the other posts in the friendly conversations .. (the digest is all of the previous days posts in one easy to read lump)

So, you raise all good points, but they were never mentioned as a problem.


At 12:36 PM 4/2/2003 -0600, Lyn Cook wrote:

You know what? We seem to have a lot of complainers out there who do nothing but look for stuff to complain about. I enjoy getting the messages that we get on our email program & if they don't then opt out of being in it!! I do not see anything wrong with just having friendly conversations & such so if someone else does - don't open them or get the heck off of the mailing list!!! There is nothing wrong with a good clean joke once in awhile or an April Fools joke or anything that puts some joy & laughter in our daily lives because there is plenty of sadness & unhappiness. So lighten up all you complainers or get the heck off!!! IMHO
Subject: [GeoStL] Posting messages -- Netiquette

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