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In today's Post-Dispatch business section (Friday, Oct. 7) are some  articles 
about GPS phones, and other new GPS uses, written by Jerri Stroud. Good  
reading, and has a side story on Geocaching:
Geo-caching gets boost from GPS technology
A small  container is hidden somewhere in tiny Barnickel Park in northern 
Webster Groves.  More than three dozen people have found it - and hidden it 
- in the last  year.

And in the last seven months, more than 50 people have located a  container 
in the park that commemorates Alton's legendary Piasa  Bird.

They're geo-cachers, people who use geographic positioning system,  GPS, 
devices to find containers hidden by others, using clues posted on Web  sites. 
hundreds of containers hidden in parks and other public places across  the 
St. Louis area are among 200,429 active caches in 217 countries, according  to 
www.geocaching.com, a Web site dedicated to the sport.
Jerri Stroud

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