[GeoStL] Re: Poison ivy in winter

  • From: Libby Morehead <gmalibby@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 09:16:50 -0600

Jo and I use hand sanitizer after every venture into woodsy areas. Then 
cortisone10 at any hint of an itch. Jo calls it a miracle drug. Even with that 
we still manage to get it once in awhile but not as severely. Can't wait to 
feel well enough to cache again. Maybe by New Years. 

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On Nov 30, 2011, at 8:57 AM, Laura Million <laura.million21@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Also...
> The vines carry the oil as I found out with my Christmas tree, the leaves 
> don't have to be present.
> If you suspect you have been in poison ivy. Wash the affected with cool water 
> and lots and lots of soap. Don't use warm water because that opens your pores 
> and allows the oils to enter your skin faster. If you can wash off the oil 
> within 8 hours (I try for immediately), you will reduce the risk of a 
> breaking out. When I go caching in the woods, I always carry wet wipes along, 
> at least in the car. That way if I suspect I walked through PI, I use one of 
> those to wipe down immediately until I get to water. 
> On Wed, Nov 30, 2011 at 8:05 AM, Susan Ring <susanmring@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> -
> Since the "I love geocaching" thread turned into a PI in winter discussion...
> I know this is common knowledge for most folks on the list, but for those who 
> don't know:
> The vines with the "hairy" roots are poison ivy and will give you a rash at 
> any time of the year if you're sensitive to PI.
> I don't even touch them with gloves on for fear I'll touch the gloves to my 
> skin later.
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