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Thank you!! -- I was wondering if it was just me...
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  Some people don't read everything and decide by the subject if they will read 
it.  So can you please start making your subject reflect the subject of your 
email?  That is the purpose of the subject line.


  Jim Bensman
  "Nature Bats Last"

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    Carol Shahriary wrote:
    I have a 1994 AARL Handbook and the 18th ed. of the AARL Antenna book as 
well as 3 1/2 HD floppies (for Windows 95/98) for teaching yourself Morse Code. 
If anyone wants any or all of the stuff, e-mail me off list. Otherwise, they'll 
go to a book fair.

    Dancing Strawberry

  Just got my license this summer in Colorado -KDØBMW  would be interested in 
the floppies if no one else is.

  The funny thing is, Justified and I were just talking yesterday about how 
much fun it would be to do a foxcache at MOGA. No equipment for such a hunt 
this year, and no time to set it up with the MOGA folks, but maybe next year.




  You rock. That's why Blockbuster's offering you one month of Blockbuster 
Total Access, No Cost.

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