[STL Geocaching] Re: Plans for the W/E ?

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here is what i have so far. At 0800, meet at the Phillips 66 gas station at
the corner of OLD hiway 21 and Rock Creek Rd. Gas up, get coffee.

Proceed south on Hiway 21 to Bootleg Cache stop there and let folks snag
that cause its right on the road and a short walk on the trail.

Proceed 10 miles south on Hiway 21 then over a bit to Hughes Mtn. for a
short-ish walk up and down the hill.

Then where moving 10 or so more miles south on hiway 21 to Elephant Rocks
park to  snag two caches there. They are 150 feet apart, should be a huge

From there it's open for more add ons, or bail to the homefront. If things
run long or weather turns bad, we can bail at any time.

thats about it.


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Just back from the great white north.
Wifey 1.0 and Little Girl 4.5 says I may have clearance to go have fun with
the boys. I must be back early afternoon - so the big trip may not work for

Where you all meeting? What time?

Business Journal - I received the initial email from them - sent her my name
and age - but I never heard from her.  I figured I was not a "young
professional".  Thus I'm surprised I even got a mention. The journal is
online - but the print issue link is form 3/8 not the 3/15.


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