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Nice pictures, Laura. Looks like y'all had a great time. I'm sorry we had to 
miss out. Thank you for posting them.


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Yes, the cache was that high. My daughter is about 5' 3" and she was on
 a ledge
about 4 foot up. It didn't look that high from where I was standing,
 but she
wasn't too thrilled that I walked away to take pictures and left her
there. Not a smart place for a nano cache.


Quoting tnsl <sydstyr@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> Those are really fun pictures. Y'all looked like a traveling flash
 mob LOL.
> Thanks for sharing them AND for labeling them.    I DO see the Gray
 Lady and
> the hair in Santa's nose.   Was that metal tree cache really that far
> That's  a bit crazy isn't it?
> Nancy

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