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  • Date: Tue, 16 Aug 2005 20:32:09 -0500

These are the people I have down for the picnic so far.  I am listing this 
because this list was sent to RGS and he had forgotten to sign up for the 
picnic, so just look over it and make sure you are listed if you are planning 
on attending.

Myotis and Thundermonk you both have written to me about taking the cave tour, 
but haven't logged on the cache page your intentions of attending.

Make sure the number in front of your name is the total of people attending 
with you, counting yourself. 

I am doing this to make sure we get a correct head count.  Have to make sure we 
have enough to eat :-)  

(yes, I am aware some of these people are not with St. Louis)
# Attending Who:

2 JustJen & Matt

2 Tim, Pam, & Molly

2 Happykraut

5 BWAT - Bearclan

2 Pika Wants Cake & Flatkatz

1 Strider

1 Crowesfeat30

2 outdoorlady79 & Outdoorman63

4 libcrb3

3 showme69 

2 konopapw & Ms. E

2 geocaching granny

3 pntball & lildevil 

1 lancelot 

1 jeepers2

3 cottingham 

1 SnowBird690 

4 haffaday 

2 byonke

3 Jhwk 

3 Thundermonk

1 Myotis

2 miha ivan

1 Blue Bead Man

2 RGS & Mrs. RGS


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