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Matt and I finished picking up the last cache yesterday.  While leaving the 
park I decided to go talk to the park naturalist and thank her for letting us 
have our event there.
While talking to her she started talking about that Sat.  She was talking about 
how long it took her to figure out why there were so many people interested in 
the Nilges memorial, she said she never saw that many people interested in it 
before, then she finally figured it out.

What was really funny was while this conversation was going on, the lady behind 
the cash register was listening.  She said, you mean that was why everyone was 
looking at Nilges?  She said she spent that Sat. trying to figure out what was 
special about Nilges, she also commented that was the most people she ever saw 
looking at Nilges.  

Just thought this was a funny story and would share.

Also the naturalist said we were a great group and would welcome us back any 


Until one loves an animal, part of one's soul remains unawakened.
Anatole France

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