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Wow, in all this discussion of HOW to geocache in Cuba, I'm just utterly amazed that there ARE geocaches in Cuba.


On Oct 15, 2010, at 10:28 PM, Hobbit Taz wrote:

If there is a way to turn off the connection now – you could download a gpx file point and try it while you are here. Maybe even manually load the coordinates – just have those nearby printed (back to paper caching).

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I think if you had the PQ's (GPX file) loaded in the phone you would be OK except if you needed the maps, which are downloaded as you need them. Or as long as you had a wi-fi connection it would be the same as having the data connection. The GPS works without data or wi- fi, so you'd always have the arrow to follow.


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I'm leaving for Havana, Cuba on Monday. GPS units are illegal to bring into the country. I do have an Iphone with the Groundspeak app loaded. My understanding is that US cell phones won't work (and I probably wouldn't want to pay the data fee anyway). So the question is this: will the gps on my cellphone work if I have the send/receive data off.

I'm sure this geocaching 101 at this point, I just want to make sure. There is one cache near my hotel that I think I can find without a gps, but there are several more available if......



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