[GeoStL] OT: County Hazardous Waste Disposal May 17, Flo Valey

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I came across this looking for something else:
Spring 2008 Household Chemical Collection Events 

FREE to Residents of Saint Louis County! 

The last one will be Saturday, May 17 8:00 AM - 3:00PM at Florissant Valley

ACCEPTABLE MATERIALS: Paints, stains, varnishes, pesticides, herbicides, 
poisons, gasoline and other fuels, solvents and strippers, aerosols, motor oil 
and filters, gas cylinders (BBQ pit size or smaller), fluorescent tubes, 
rechargeable batteries, antifreeze, brake and transmission fluid, pool 
chemicals and other acids and bases, car batteries, wood preservatives, 
driveway sealant, and items containing mercury (such as thermometers, 
thermostats, and mercuric salts). 

UNACCEPTABLE ITEMS: Explosives and ammunition, radioactive waste, smoke 
detectors, medical waste, household trash, tires, electronics and other bulky 

We've used this service a few times before. When Tom's dad passed away..  that 
man had some "Stuff" in his garage. LOL  Most of it was now "illegal" and not 
only banned from private ownership but taken off the market altogether  
(although I will say they never had one bug in their home lol).  Tom took all 
of it to one of these pick-ups and had no problem at all. No questions asked.  
If you need to unload that last gallon of DDT this is the place to go.  


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