[GeoStL] Not lost,out there somewhere

  • From: Glenn <Glenn@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 08:16:05 -0500


Hi Glenn and St Louis cachers,

PC was hit by last weeks storm and was fryed. For some reason have not 
received any e-mail from the geogroup.It might be on my end here,had a hard 
time turning off spam blocker on my new PC.Hope everyone in geostl is well 
and having fun.

Looks like the picnic went well, to bad we missed it. Did make 2 in the 
D.C. area.Been out of town alot, I think I've now found more caches in 
Michigan then in Missouri now. In town for a 2 or 3 days and off again on 
vac.Looks like I'm going to back to Detroit and then to  CA. next month for 
work, love new cache area. Hope to get back in time to fly my balloon 
before the season is over. Have not had time to fly in 6 month. Starting to 
have withdraws, all work and no play. well I guess there is caching 
somewhere new everyday on the road.

I will be taking my 2 caches at the farm off line after this weekend and 
will put them back when the leaves fall off. I'm afraid of someone falling 
over a fence or drainage ditch and there will be some work done repairing 
them soon.We have been removing the old wire as we find it,hard to find 
this time of year. Don't went any cachers to get hurt.  We will have a 
nighttime cache up and running this fall too. Hope to put all 3 on line in 
Oct.  The new barn is about built. Will be putting in the floor next month.

Might be a good place for the fall picnic or not. It might be to for to 
drive? Just a thought, hay ride, BBQ,farm caching, maybe a balloon 
teather.That all and hope to see ya all down the trail soon.

Kevin & Kory (K-TEAM)


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