[GeoStL] New web site is up

  • From: "Jack Konecker" <jackkonecker@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 9 Nov 2005 01:08:43 -0600

http://www.geostl.com will now take you to the
new web site.
As I mentioned before, there is some tweaking
still to be done that had to wait until the domain
name transfer took place.

moga.geostl.com will take you to the main MOGA
page, which is 'inside' the new SLAGA web site.

podcast.geostl.com will also take you to a page 
inside the new web site.

bluehost.com is the new web host.  Their technical
support far exceeds that of our old web host,
byzhosting.com.  While byzhosting only allowed
a couple hundred Megabytes of disk storage 
space under their hosting plan, bluehost allows
4 Gigabytes, for the same price. 

We 'could' host mogeo.com on the same hosting plan
for no additional cost, if that is the
route Glenn would like to go (and perhaps split
the annual cost with SLAGA).

Chat is back, and forums have been added.  Where
we go with the forums will be determined on how
they get used in the next few months.

Recent Logs and Member Stats are working (for
now).   New and Archive caches might be added
back, too. Just be prepared for them to go away at
a moment's notice.

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