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Welcome to SLAGA - keep your eyes open for our picnics each season in the
event caches (maybe they will match up in time when you are over here).

A couple of thoughts for caches that you and your daughter might enjoy.

In KC I havent done many yet but
         the Castle Northmoor might be entertaining for her
         Also the  Missouri's First - Watts Mill would be a simple trail
         In Raytown "Cave Spring cache" is a nice wooded walk (not alot of
hills) with
              some wooden bridges, a cave, waterfall etc.

Here in St. louis there are several in and around the zoo
(about any in Forest park which is the park the zoo is in -
        are easy enough walks with some great views and
        things to see as well as easy enough for a youngster as well)/
also the virtual at the city museum is a great place to take a 5 year old
     (3 stories of  tunnels, climbing, art projects etc just made with kids
in mind).
Arch virtual might be entertaining for her also.
In Wentzville there is a cache my wife Cribbagewitch put out (CW#9 -
"Basket" Witch Works Series) which will lead you through a fairy forest
(renfair grounds) - its free to wonder in during non-festival periods. (Fair
is around the end of may 17 to june 8) and a pirate fest in the fall.

and of course about every large and small park in the st. louis area has one
or more and most if you keep to the parks and lower Terrain/difficulty
levels should not be a problem.  Maybe some other SLAGA members have others
they know for youngsters.
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  Hi Gang,

  I just joined SLAGA last week, hadn't gotten a chance to drop everyone a
note.  I'm in the Kansas City area, but wanted to reach out to other
cachers, I find myself in St. Louis, specifically St. Charles allot because
of the mother in law lives there and wanted to get the skinny on the local
caches.  I've got about 60 finds to my name and this sport is exclusively a
Daddy / Daughter deal, I cache with my five year old named Allie.  That
being said we typically look for family-friendly caches, no rock climbing or
river jumping, just something to get us out and about.  Professionally, I'm
Sales/Technical Recruiter with InterCall in Lenexa, KS, takes allot of my
time, so I enjoy my Sundays stomping out around, always picking the most
complicated route to the cache.

  Well that's me, should find you find yourself in KC or suburbs,
technically I'm in Blue Springs, give me a shout, I will be happy to give
you the skinny on the local hides.

  Have a great weekend..

  Chris Brown
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