[GeoStL] Re: Nano Cache

  • From: Edward Turner <n0wnv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 01 Oct 2011 09:57:25 -0500

anyone want to see if it will happen??? lmfao

On 10/1/2011 9:31 AM, Bob TheCacher wrote:
If someone puts a nano on or around my house, I'm moving.

From: potbellystove@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Nano Cache
Date: Fri, 30 Sep 2011 21:12:58 -0500
To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

That was Barb, then larry was gonna go take them all just to watch bob go round and around , coming and going trying to find these 5 caches that everybody in town is logging and apparently finding.

Bob aint on the list here is he?

On Sep 29, 2011, at 4:47 PM, Mr. EX-President wrote:

    I'll second that!  I believe Larry said that he was going to hide
5 Nano's equal distances around Bob's house when he reached 5000. Or was that Barb? Open-mouth smile

    From: GC-RGS@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:GC-RGS@xxxxxxxxxx>
    To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    Subject: [GeoStL] Re: Nano Cache
    Date: Thu, 29 Sep 2011 09:02:23 -0500

    Rats! Tom, you beat me to it!
    *From:*Tom Wolpert <mailto:tom_wolpert@xxxxxxxxxxx>
    *Sent:*Thursday, September 29, 2011 7:45 AM
    *To:*geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    *Subject:*[GeoStL] Re: Nano Cache
    Don't hold back, Bob.  Tell us how you really feel.
    *From:*Bob TheCacher <cachefinder@xxxxxxxxxxx
    *To:*geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
    *Sent:*Thu, September 29, 2011 7:35:52 AM
    *Subject:*[GeoStL] Re: Nano Cache

    Take those nano's and throw them away!  I hate nano's and they
    hate me.  Most of the time it takes more time winding up that itsy
    pitsy teensy weency piece of paper and putting it back in that
    stupid thing.  They should ban those containers.  Who invented
    them?  What was he thinking?
      Did I tell you I hate nano's?

    Date: Wed, 28 Sep 2011 21:39:32 -0500
    Subject: [GeoStL] Nano Cache
    From: pathfinder6163@xxxxxxxxx <mailto:pathfinder6163@xxxxxxxxx>
    To: geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:geocaching@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

    Do many people place nano caches out. I picked up a nano cache at
    REI to hide and wanted to find out how popular they are. As far as
    listing it ongeocaching.com <http://geocaching.com/>the smallest
    listing I see is micro caches. This nano cache is only 5/16"x
    7/16" which only hold a long strip of waterproof paper for logging
    your find.


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