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Actually, Adams changes to Lockwood at the western Glendale city limits,  not 
at Sappington. Right where the wide grass median strip starts. This strip  
used to be where the old street car tracks ran.
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Correction, Lockwood changes to Adams once you cross
Sappington Rd,  Not Kirkwood Rd (Lindbergh, Denny, US
67, yada yada). The Straubs is about  a half a block
west of Rock Hill Rd on the north side of the street.  


--- GC-RGS <gc-rgs@xxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:

> -
> On 211 W. Lockwood in Webster Groves. It changes  to
> Adams in Kirkwood where 
> it crosses Lindbergh (Kirkwood  rd). About 10 minutes
> from your work.


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