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Sounds like I'm too late but I'll drop my 2 coins here anyway.

I always ask my customers what they want....cheap as possible, the best
I can do, or somewhere in-between.

The old copper tubing has been around and worked well for many years.
Pros: Easy installation, most folks will "tap in" to a cold water pipe
and run the copper tubing all the way to the fridge from there.
If you put a loop or 2 in it behind the fridge it won't kink and is quite
Cons: The line is still there when you pull out the fridge....not much of
a negative really.  The tubing is expensive. It is possible to kink it.

I like using the box method that Kirk mentioned.  It is a much neater
installation.  I have bought premade dishwasher lines made of the braided
stainless that are about 5' long, that should work.
Anyway, a loop of plastic or copper will work just fine here too.

There you go, My 2¢.

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Isn't this list great. Thanks for all the responses. I'm heading off to Home
Depot right now.  Bernie



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