[GeoStL] Re: NGR: Wild weather this morning

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  • Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 21:16:13 -0700 (PDT)

It looked like a dust bowl out here. Couldn't even see the house next door 
there was so much dust in the air. Now its all in my house :(

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I went out to Howell Island (blew all over the road on the way
there).  When we first got out of the car, we almost turned back. 
Dust and sawdust was blowing so hard had to walk backwards.  Once we go to
the causeway, the waves were spraying us and the wind was blowing so hard it
almost blew us into the river.  But once we got to the other side, the
wind was not much of an issue since we were in the woods.  So I had a nice
hike and got two caches. 


Jim Bensman

"Nature Bats Last" 

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I live in St
Peters and I lost some roof shingles.


Mike Henthorn



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Subject: [GeoStL] NGR: Wild weather this morning


We had a 51 mph wind gust at our house this morning.  Silly me didn't
close the upstairs windows all the way, thought leaving them open a half inch
would be OK.  Now have fans drying out the carpet.


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